Thursday, 28 February 2013

Events....event...and eventssssss T_T

Heyyo superhumans!! its me again just writing out a few memories and some experience to share with you guys... im now writing in english as it is the universal language and almost everyone understand it...hmmmm or do you prefer me to write in write a comment if anything.

Anyway,its been a very hectic and busy in the last two weeks with events that are all around UiTM Lendu... start it off with the Part 5's our masscom seniors events!! then came Part 6's events FIKS which stands for Festival Industri Kecil Sederhana where we have been selected to be an adhoc and is was an amazing experience and i got to meet JayJay , Mila and Fourteen!!!!!!

Its an eye opening experience and i cant tell how awesome it is to begin with!!!!

Just a couple of days we will have our own event which is ISFAL2013 and owh  yeah it stands for Islamic Short Film Festival!!!!! and also our faculty Family day!!!!

So ill update ya as soon as possible the event as now im currently need some urgent power nap to revitalize for good night superhumans and i will see ya when i see ya!!!!!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Long Time!

Whoa! its been a while since the last time i write in this blog....seriously long time...i have a a lot to share to you bout my life and many pictures to upload....its up to you to judge whether its good or not...haha..

             And so i have  updated this blog and change a little sumthing sumthing to show im not a kid anymore... Hey! i just turned 20 kay... :p

           I'll keep updating this blog now and again if im free (i don't know when :p) but i'll try kay...thanks to everyone who visited this page and i hope ur happy reading this :D 

       The pics will be uploaded soon enough when i get better internet access. Hope to hear from you guys soon...take care superhumans!!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

So ssssssoooorrryyyy...>_<..

waaa...hye guys n gurls and all  blog walkers..
sowie la lme x update blog ny...aciq buzy gile kowt ngan assignment lg n test..
bayangkan semalam je dah 2 test + speeches nak kne present kat lecturer.
naye je...2-3 menjak mang aciq tido pling awal pown kul 4 pagy..
nak kering pale otak ny aciq perah carik idea..seb baek la ada member2 yang senasib ngan aciq..
To Iqbal,Faiz,Chibi n all others thanks y'all for supporting me and making me feel at home...thanks very much..
and to all my folower,thanks coz still be with me...i love y'all
lastly, happy blog walking>_<...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


hye y'all blogwalk
ary ny merupakan ary yang penting dalam idup aciq ny...
iaitu HARI aciq Dilahirkan!!!
mcm2 harapan dan impian yang masih belum dikecapi lagi walaupun dah jejak 19 ny..huhuhuhu..mangai la..
haha anyway aciq blik umah nak celebrate nan family n nak mengelak dari kne ngan dak2 kolej n classmate..
dyeowg is all that i have n i love them so much...
 bukan yang sebanar kalo dapt mang cun..
hopefully sume hajat aciq tercapai la...
again, HEPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012


bagai bom yang meletop kat nagasaki n hiroshima...
mcm tu la gempaknye kiteowg nye induction bagi masscom sesi nov2011/mac2012
aciq kul 8 lagi dah terpacak kat padang kawad tu...kiteowg mulakan dengan senamrobik
sape tau lagu judas by lady gaga pown ley wat senaman...hahahah
pastu makan pagy tu okey the real fun begin..
mcm2 game dyeowg buat ntuk kteowg sebagai menyambut ktieowg sebagai masscomers baru...yay!!!
akhir event tu blaja tepuk masscom n salute masscom..mang hilarious tol...hahaha
then dikumpul satu tmpat dan bermulala prang tepung....laki serang pompuan n sebaliknya...time tu memang havoc gile...
walaupun panas tp mang berbaloi la..aciq x mampu nak kate pape except it was awesome!!!!
anyway...hepy blogging y'all n i'll see dlm coret2 laen k..adaaaa


Thursday, 5 January 2012


ary ny aciq amik masa sndri nak cuty...tu pown cbb na amik lappy kesayangan aciq kat umah...banyak cerita dan memory dalam lappy tu...huhu
mang best gile la....
aciq edit pic,buat movie sume dalam tu la....
buat pengetahuan ny adalah untuk aciq cortkan pengalaman dalam uitm n life aciq...
bukan untuk cerita isu terkini kew apa kew...
k la...hepy blogging y'all..daaa

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

hay yang elok..

hey guys...and gurls, how r u today...haha, ary ny speaking...blahla hahahaha.
dah masuk pertengahan ary 5 Jan 2011,
dah berapa ary aciq tido kul 5 ++ pagy...pergh memang accomplishment bawu la...
cmtu sme je lau g club..ahakz!@@..
skunk ny kat library ngah menunggu mata lena smbil tngu klas laen
ya allah, ko cancel kan la klas ptg ny...Aciq Nak Tido@@@@@@@@
APTB..Apa Pown X Bley..
ok,aciq grak dlu k...pape t tngk tweet dah la...